5 Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Personal Injury Claims

No business wants to get sued. Even more so smaller businesses. It can cause a lot of headaches and frustration, not to mention the potential loss of money and reputation. To help protect or limit your business from getting sued by a contractor for a personal injury claim, or at least limit your exposure to such lawsuit, here are 5 Ways To Protect Your Small Business in such a situation.

1. Do Not Set Up Your Business as a Sole Proprietor

While establishing a Sole Proprietorship is the easiest way to start a business, it’s also the riskiest when it comes to what you stand to lose if things go wrong. If you get sued and you lose the case, you could potentially be held personally liable and consequently, some of your personal assets can be seized in order to satisfy the judgment of the suit.

What you should do instead, is to consider creating an LLC or a Corporation and running your business under the legal protection of this business structure. If by chance you are located in the state of Texas, then a Dallas Business Attorney can save you time and money and help you with the formation of this entity. The main advantage of doing this is that such business structures give you protection personally from lawsuits. If a Plaintiff is awarded monetary damages, the business would be held liable, and not you, and if the business is not able to settle the judgment, then the company can simply file for bankruptcy.

2. Put Safety Precautions in Place

Ensuring that the work area is safe will reduce the risk of an injury to any contractor that may work there. In this regard some of the things you should consider doing are:

  • Make sure that the inside and outside work areas, as well as the areas around them (like parking areas and smoking areas) are always clean.
  • Be sure that exits and fire escapes are always unlocked and always clear of any obstruction or debris.
  • Be sure to regularly oversee or inspect the tasks carried out by other employees of the business. If someone else fails to do their job or does it improperly and this leads to or causes an injury to another person, the business will still be held liable.
  • Installing video cameras both inside and outside the work area is another way to help increase safety and security, as well as catch any potential injuries on camera

3. Practice Fire Prevention and Have Fire Safety Plan in Place

Some of the things you should consider doing in this regard include:

  • Having regular fire drills and practice good fire prevention measures. Ensure that everyone knows what those prevention measures are.
  • Having all chemicals and materials that are flammable stored separately, away from any heat source, and in a plastic container
  • Having a safe disposal method for rags or materials that come in contact with flammable chemicals
  • Having a safe area for smokers, unless smoking is strictly prohibited, and a safe way for them to dispose of their cigarettes; usually an outdoor smoker’s receptacle will do the trick. If smoking is strictly prohibited, you should post visible signs in numerous places and ensure everyone is instructed of the prohibition in writing.
  • Ensure everyone is trained in fire prevention from handling and maintaining flammable chemicals and materials to smoking protocols.
  • Have a safety plan in case of fire that includes a fire extinguisher in all necessary areas and a written plan that has been provided to everyone for exiting the area. Having a safety drill every now and then is always good practice.
  • Have easily accessible and easy to use fire extinguishers.

4. Ensure All Areas Are Well Lit

  • Ensure there is proper lighting inside the entire work area, lounge area, and any other accessible area
  • Also, ensure proper lighting outside the entire work area including any smoking areas and parking areas that you are responsible for

5. Have Proper Insurance

No matter how careful or prepared you are, there’s always the potential for an accident to occur or a problem to arise. While it’s important to do everything in your power to prevent your business from having a personal injury claim filed against it, you should also be prepared in the event it does happen.
There are many types of business insurance out there that help protect your business in different ways but when it comes to personal injury claims, you will want to have Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover any on-the-job injuries.

You should also have general liability insurance in case someone else has a claim of property damage or injury.

Oftentimes you can get a Business Owner’s policy that will cover a number of things including property insurance and liability insurance. It generally also includes crime, vehicle and interruption of business coverage.

If you need help with protecting your business before a claim arises, understanding the types of insurance you need, or defending your business in a personal injury claim, hire a Westchester business attorney to help.

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Find The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For You

… And 3 Things That Have Made It Easier.

In this digital age where any information you want is available to you at the click of a button, the task of choosing an attorney can be quite a daunting one. Mainly because of the flood of choices, often in the tens or hundreds of thousands, that will likely be available to you once you click that button. There are however three important and significant things that have happened over time that has made it so much easier to find the right attorney you are looking for.

The 3 things that have made it easier to find the right attorney for you are:

  1. One thing that can sometimes lessen this burdensome task, is when you narrow down this search for a lawyer, to rather focus on a specific specialty of lawyer. The principle of specialization is not a new concept and has been around for decades, nor does it apply to the legal profession only, but the fact that a greater number of lawyers are looking into specializing is a good thing that will help not only themselves, but their future clients as well.

    It is exactly this specificity and focus that makes finding a personal injury lawyer much easier than it might otherwise be. This is because, as has been implied, the individual in question who needs the services of a lawyer, has probably been involved in an incident which has left him or her injured. One of the last things someone who has been injured in an incident, and very possibly is in some discomfort or even pain wants to start doing, is sifting through thousands and thousands of lawyer listings to find one that can help him or her file a lawsuit that can help then get compensated for any damages suffered. So the fact that the individual is searching for a personal injury attorney, and not just any attorney is exactly what will make finding such a lawyer a tad bit easier.
  2. The next thing that has made it so much easier to find the “right” lawyer to help you with whatever legal situation you need an attorney for, is the (increasing) importance the search engines, especially Google, is placing on delivering a more localized search result, at least when it is appropriated to do so. Over the past  few years, Google, which is obviously the dominant search engine among the lot, has been placing a lot of importance on the fact that an increasing and significant proportion of its users are both using their platform on a mobile device, as well as preferring, or even needing their search results, where appropriate, to be more localized and consequently more relevant. A situation which amounts to a win, win, win for all parties involved – the search engine, the searcher and the local business.

    This more localized search has made it so much more easier to find the right attorney for you. So that an individual who lives in Ventura, California for example, and who needs an injury attorney because he or she has been involved in a car accident, can be sure that a search on google for the term “personal injury attorney Ventura” is almost certain to return a list of relevant and local attorneys situated in the Ventura County area of California. Or an individual searching for a New York car accident lawyer in Google.com will almost certainly get a result that has a list of local attorneys operating in the area, instead of an irrelevant listing of attorneys that could very well be located across the country.

  3. The third thing on our list of things that have made it easier to find the right attorney for you are things like social media and online forums. In the past, before the advent of social media, and even the internet in general, the only option people had to find an attorney was by asking for referrals from the limited number of people you knew and/or had access to. There was also things like the yellow pages, and ads in the papers, which we not always very effective in helping you find the right lawyer.

    However, with the advent of the internet in general and search engines in particular, which has been touched on in point 2 above, as well as the advent of social media, which was brought about by the advent of the internet, an individual’s ability to tap into a much wider resource to find the lawyer they need has been exponentially increased.

    So over and above the ability to go to a search engine like Google or Bing to search for a lawyer, with social media, they now have the ability to tap into members of their social network, which can sometimes run into the hundreds or thousands of people, to ask for lawyer recommendations. Not only are they limited to their personal network, but they could also ask members of their personal network to ask members of their own personal networks. This obviously paints a good picture of the possible scale of reach of recommendations they could have.

    Besides relying on one’s personal network on social media, other things like public or private groups on aces like Facebook begin to increase even more this potential.

    In the same way, public and private forums where people can sign up and connect with like minded individuals has also opened up vistas of opportunities for helping you find the right lawyer for you.
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Personal Injury Lawyers For Transportation Businesses.

The very nature of any business that operates in the transportation industry means that without fail, it is going to be involved in one type of accident or another. It is an established fact that accidents can happen at any time, and In the case of a business that whose core business involves the movement of people or goods from one location to another, then this risk of accidents is even greater. And while there are many things such businesses can do to reduce this risk of accidents, there are still many more things that are beyond its control, such as accidents from human error. More so errors by employees of the business that results in an accident.


Given this risk that such a business is exposed to, it is safe to assume that the number one thing such a business would consider doing is taking up appropriate insurance to protect itself from any losses it might otherwise incur as a result of such accidents that has be said are likely to happen. However, one other critical aspect of mitigation and protection that should never be overlooked by such a company, is ensuring that they have access to a personal injury lawyer. This is because, besides the damage that might occur to any equipment owned by the business that has been involved in said accident, one other possibility that might occur as a result of the accident, is a personal injury that might be suffered by someone who is affected by the accident.

As can be expected in such a litigious society such as America is, it is expected that such a victim of a personal injury will be filing a personal injury lawsuit again the business whose employee or equipment has caused the accident and resulting personal injury. And the bigger the business and its balance sheet, the bigger the injury claim is likely to be.

It is for this exact reason that such a business needs to have access to a personal injury to come to it’s when what such a time comes. As a matter of fact, the sad truth of the matter is that such a business often needs to have access to a multitude of different types of lawyers for different occasions. This is not just true of businesses in the transportation industry, but pretty much any type of business.

For instance, a typical small start-up business based out of New York City might often need to have access to a contract lawyer to help it look over any contracts it might need to sign, especially when it is raising funds from investors. But it might also need access to a labour lawyer to help it ensure that it is not breaking any local or federal laws when it is hiring or firing its employees. A large New York business or corporation on the other hand might need to have a business or business lawyer in NYC on its payroll to handle any of the numerous issues that are bound to pop up that require a legal solution.

Haven said that, given the importance of a personal injury lawyer to a business in the transportation industry, given the number of lawsuits it can be slapped with at any given point in time, the question then remains how or where such a business can find the best and most affordable attorneys?

It is safe to say that perhaps the best place to start looking is the numerous lawyer directories that are found on the internet. Then of course personal recommendations from friends, colleagues and even competitors can also be very useful.

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Accident Injury Claim – Get The Right Solicitor To Succeed

Accidents are unpredictable and cause a lot of damage not only to your physical health and well being, but can leave you unable to take care of yourself. People left with severe injuries are oftentimes unable to return to work or even spend time with their families doing the things they love. This can be a huge financial burden but with an accident claim, your bills can be taken care of, while you focus on getting better. While you may not always be able to claim and get your life back on track, it certainly will help reduce the financial burden that the accident may have caused.

compensation Claims

Accident claims are there to help you take care of the financial cost that might arise as a result of any accident you may have been involved in. Physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists and other professionals, including any medication you might need to take can be costly and that is why it’s important to file a claim after you have been in any accident, no matter how minor it may seem. This allows you to take care of all these seen and unforeseen expenses you are left with after the accident.

In 1998 Accident Solicitors started working on a “no win no fee” basis, thus us making it easier to acquire the services of a solicitor who will not charge you to handle your claim. In fact the losing party will be held responsible for covering their cost. In the event that you lose the case, a professional solicitor will not charge for the service provided. Solicitors only charge once the case is done and everything has been settled.

Also note that all consultations is free of charge so you can get free expert advice to advise if you have a valid claim and to access all the information. Solicitors are not able to force you to put in a claim, they are merely there to assist you and explain the advantages of doing so.

Professional solicitors will be easy to point out. You will be able to assess the level of experience simply by the information they are able to give you on your first consultation. You need to make sure that they are able to take you through the full process of how a claims process works and see if they are able to give you possible pay out numbers. Always try and get hold of prior clients to find out what their experience using the solicitor was like. Always ensure that there is no hidden clause or cost being deducted from your claim and always make sure that the solicitor is putting your interest first.

Solicitors should have a strong business ethic and should always consider their clients’ needs above all. As people who have survived accidents usually suffer from trauma and submitting a claim should not be more stressful. Always ensure that when you hire a solicitor that the person and the team are skilled and know what they doing. Always ask them to simplify any legal jargon and make sure that you understand everything being explained to you.

While surviving an accident can have traumatic effects on your life, it is not the end of the road. With the help of a professional solicitor submitting your claim should be an easy task. While the trauma and pain cannot be undone, you can receive the support you need financially

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Accident Injury Claims Done Right

As human beings we all deal with trauma differently and this is why we handle most situations differently. While some people that are involved in accidents will seek medical advice as soon as possible, many of us ignore the possibility of injury unless we physically see signs of blood. Car crashes can cause injuries that we might not see or even feel and these are the most dangerous types of injuries.

For any accident you have been involved in, it is always best to seek medical and legal advice so that these professionals can give you advice on how to handle any situations that may occur thereafter. There are many legal practitioners that are willing to assist you with car crash claims so that you can be compensated for any for any injuries you right have as a result of the accident.

Accident Injury Claims Done Right

Seeking legal advice to assist with claims can give you peace of mind you need to have while dealing with the suffering and pain of your trauma. The worst choice you can ever make is it not seek medical attention after an accident, no matter how minor it may seem. Many times we look for physical signs but there are many internal injuries that do not have any external signs, but that can have life threatening effects on your health. The most common is whiplash , many times people believe that the pain will subside and there is no serious injuries but this can often cause a head injury that you unable to see.

Most common injuries overlooked during accidents are brain injuries and this is mainly because it can go unseen for days even months before the symptoms begin to show. While the skull is there to protect the brain it can often not protect it from direct blows. Many times the damage will cause the fluid or blood in the brain to clot and this can lead to life threatening situations, or even result in death if untreated that is why it is important to get treated after an accident.

If your spinal cord is injured during an accident it could lead to you being paralyzed and unable to take care of yourself ever again. This could mean that you may need to get 24 hour medical care and could change your life forever. This will not only change your life but the lives of your loved one so always ensure that you advise people to seek medical assistance before leaving a car crash or directly thereafter. Accidents are unpredictable but always remember that if you are injured due to the negligence of another person you have the right to seek compensation.

Contact a good lawyer that can give you professional advice and help you take the right steps to get your claim paid out. While legal advice may be costly there are lawyers who will assist you free of charge with all road accident claims.  Since 1998 Accident solicitors work on a no win no fee basis and if you lose professional solicitor will not charge you so you will not be held liable for any cost at all.

That is why it is important to seek legal advice and medical attention after an accident, to avoid any life changing disappointments for you and your family.

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The Dangers of a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash Innjury

A whiplash injury is often overlooked as a “minor” injury and oftentimes attracts much less attention than other injuries or than it deserves. But should this be the case? Considering how a whiplash can very often or easily lead to worse injuries down the line if the individual is not very careful and if not properly treated. Irrespective of the level, type or cause, an injury is an injury and they should also be adequately compensated for, including a whiplash injury.

The sad reality is that given how grave a whiplash injury can turn out to be down the road, many doctors are also often guilty of ‘dismissing’ a whiplash injury as being minor, and as a result, the victims of this injury similarly treat it as such and don’t pay much attention to it.

To paint a better picture of the potential seriousness of a whiplash, we shall talk about some of the symptoms and potential consequences of a whiplash, its long term effect, and more.

So what exactly is a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury is an injury to the neck as a result of the sudden, forceful, back and forth movement. It is most commonly caused by a rear-end car collision or other accidents, bungee jumps and fall, among others, that results in such sudden neck movements. Given that a whiplash is somewhat synonymous with a neck injury, you should perhaps be able to instantly see how potentially serious a whiplash can be, given the important role your neck plays in the overall functioning of the body.

The sad fact is that many people who suffer from a whiplash often do not know that they have a whiplash. Many people do not even know what a whiplash is until they are told so. After such an individual has been involved in any of the previously mentioned incidents that can cause a whiplash, they may or may not immediately feel that anything is wrong, and in fact they may feel absolutely nothing for the first few days after.

However, it is not uncommon for the individual to suddenly start to experience some strange pain in their neck, which they might often attribute to sleeping in an odd position the night before. And why wouldn’t they? After all, the incident likely happened several days or weeks prior and they had felt nothing ever since. Depending on the severity of the incident, this pain in the neck might extent to the shoulders, and very possibly might come with symptoms such as tingling or numbness in in the fingers and arms, headaches, fatigue and dizziness and more.

It is imperative that you see a doctor immediately you begin to observe any of these symptoms, especially if you have recently been in any incident as previously described.

Lastly, the one thing that has not been mentioned is the importance of consulting with an accident attorney as quickly as possible following the car accident that may be responsible for this whiplash of yours. This is because you do not want to be diagnosed with having a whiplash from a car accident, weeks after the incident has happened, only for you to have to bear the cost of treating the whiplash. While this cost can sometimes not be a lot, in some cases, it can escalate quite dramatically, depending on the severity of the accident that caused it. So speaking to an attorney as early on as possible ensures that he or she lays out all the options that are available to you if in the future some health issues arise that was caused by the accident.

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